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Satta King 2023 | gali satta chart | Faridabad | ghaziabad result
!! Welcome Friends in the world of Satta Kings Results matka group. May you always win.!! India's Fastest Gali Disawer result.
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हमारी साइट पर रिजल्ट अपलोड करने के लिए संपर्क करें


27 February 2024 23:19

Gali ho ya Disawer jodi milega single. Company laakhon logon ne join ke hue hai jo ke kaafi saalo se jude hai hamare saath har mahine 40 se 50 laakh ka profit hota hai hamaare bhaiyon ka game paas ka proof dekhne ke liye WhatsApp karen.
💥Gali ho ya Disawer jodi milega single💥
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गली दिसावर-फरीदाबाद - गाजियाबाद चारों गेम में सिंगल जोड़ी में गेम पास होगी 101% गैरंटी के साथ 👍
सट्टा हेड ब्रांच ऑफिस 💯% गारंटी
आज की 💥लीक जोड़ी 💥लेने के लिए 📞नम्बर को सेव 📞करके मेसिज करें (प्रूफ चेक करके गेम ले)





( 05:00 AM ) 74


( 05:55 PM ) 25


( 06:00 PM ) 50


( 11:55 PM ) 67


( 08:55 PM ) 08

01-02 97 22 84
02-02 27 64 48 61 97
03-02 87 94 27 98 93
04-02 62 17 76 25 62
05-02 51 60 33 83 24
06-02 21 19 64 38 40
07-02 26 85 30 99 98
08-02 18 39 13 84 40
09-02 86 31 98 59 39
10-02 32 87 68 86 68
11-02 94 66 50 42 02
12-02 11 16 44 38 55
13-02 29 86 24 74 36
14-02 75 69 24 87 50
15-02 89 34 73 25 97
16-02 80 58 94 14 94
17-02 05 69 78 68 36
18-02 07 52 37 92 04
19-02 32 87 26 69 97
20-02 90 65 61 56 57
21-02 94 65 25 12 70
22-02 42 36 56 07 07
23-02 98 14 94 76 88
24-02 60 99 92 95 91
25-02 72 25 50 90 67
26-02 74 08
27-02 87 46
गेम गली दिसावर फरीदबाद गाजियाबाद का | मिलेगा बिल्कुल डेट फिक्स डायरेक्ट Satta कंपनी से लीक सभी अपना लॉस कवर कर लो ऐसा मौका हाथ से जाने ना दो तो देर किस बात की जल्दी कांटेक्ट करें

What is Satta King?

Welcome to the world of Sonakshi Satta, your go-to destination for the latest Satta King updates in 2023. If you are looking for Satta King chart or Satta King results then we are the ultimate option for that. We understand that you're looking for real-time information on Satta King 2023 or Satta King result 2022, Satta King results, and the Satta King 2023 chart. We are here for just that purpose. Look no further – we've got you covered!

How many games are there in satta king?

Satta King is a number based game in which the players need to play games on the numbers which start from 0-99. Players can play online or offline. In Satta matka King there are so many types of games, In that the popular games are Disawer, Gali, Ghaziabad and Faridabad satta king chart. These games can be played in all of India, there are some more in satta king but they are not that popular as disawar, Gali, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. However it is important to have Satta king chart or satta king result platform to have the real time information.


Disawer or desawar satta chart 2022 is market in satta king which is popular in satta king. Most of them play Disawer because the timings of disawer are early in the morning so everyone can the win early in the morning. You can check past results of disawer in our website disawar satta chart 2022 and disawer chart 2023 if you want 2022 results desawar satta chart 2022. Disawer is the oldest market in satta king.


Gali is the most famous Satta king. The timing of gali is at midnight so the people play this after all their work. If you want to see the Gali result You can check out GALI RECORD CHART 2022 . If you want to check previous you Can check out at here GALI RECORD CHART 2023


Faridabad is the place in India and it is named in the market as Satta king. It is most famous for its satta king. Faridabad satta king has the most popular fan base in Satta king. The Result of satta company faridabad is in the evening. If you want to check the result of satta king you can check it out here faridabad chart 2023, for previous you can check it here faridabad chart 2022


Ghaziabad is a place in India and it is named as Satta king. Ghaziabad din satta is played by so many people in india if you want to check the ghaziabad results you can check it out here ghaziabad chart 2022 for previous record you can check here ghaziabad chart 2023.

If you want the fastest result you can click here Satta King India's Fastest and accurate results uploaded here for ghaziabad chart.

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